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Serafina Kanyon

Serafina Turkey Kanyon, continues to welcome guests with all the hygiene and quality standards.


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The Serafina Restaurant Group concept emerged while Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato underwent a traumatic experience - lost at sea on a small sailing boat.

Dressed only in their swimming trunks and fighting biting cold, harsh weather and hunger, the two friends imagined themselves creating the most fabulous pizzas. With Fabio’s genius deployed in designing a revolutionary oven, and Vittorio as a maestro in Neapolitan cuisine, the Serafina concept and partnership was born.

With their fate in the balance, they vowed that if they survived they would open the world’s finest pizza and pasta restaurant. They did survive, and fulfilled their vow with the opening of Serafina Fabulous Pizza in 1995. The restaurant hugely popular, with 33 branches in the United States, India, Japan, Korea, the UAE and Brazil.

After the success of its first location, Serafina has 33 branches in different countries including America, India, Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Israel. In November 2014, the first branch in Turkey and 20th branch in the world of Serafina were opened in Akmerkez. Afterwards, in 2018 Bodrum Küçükbük Serafina Mare and in November 2019 İstanbul Serafina Kanyon branches were opened. In addition, Serafina Girne branch of Kaya Palazzo Hotel, which operates on a seasonal basis, continues to welcome its guests in Cyprus at full speed.

Serafina Kartalkaya branch of Kaya Palazzo Lounge, which operates on a seasonal basis, start to welcome its guests in Kartalkaya at full speed.

Serafina Menu

A brief look at the tasty Italian cuisine. Check our full menu at "MENU" section.

  • Soup of the day, homemade every day

  • An Italian classic, with fresh seasonal vegetables

  • Toasted bread topped With chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil & a touch of garlic

  • Fried calamari served with our homemade spicy tomato dip

  • Garden fresh seasonal salad

  • Our Italian version of the classic Caesar salad

  • Rocket, cherry tomato, Parmesan Grana Padano & fig vinaigrette & sliced sealed filet mignon

  • Warm goat cheese, oven roasted beet, baby spinach, pistachio & sour cherry vinaigrette

  • Grilled chicken breast, lettuce & mesclun, sun dried tomato, raisin & pesto dressing

  • Avocado, baby shrimp, rocket, cheny tomatoes & cannellini beans

  • Fresh sliced artichoke hearts, Parmesan Grana Padano, lemon & extra virgin olive oil

  • Wheat, green lentils, rocket, pomegranate, orange, dried fruits, cherry tomatoes, French bean, Parmesan Grana Padano with citrus sauce



is a chic, cosy Italian restaurant where guests are made to feel right at home.

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Serafina'dan Yeni Şube Açılışı

Türkiye’nin kendini kanıtlamış İtalyan restoranlarından Serafina, görkemli bir açılış partisiyle yeni adresinde kapılarını Kanyon’da açtı.


Açılışta Makarna Kestiler

Türkiye'nin en iyi İtalyan restaurantlarından Serafina, önceki akşam görkemli bir açılış partisiyle kapılarını Kanyon'da açtı.


Serafina Kanyon'da Kapılarını Açtı

Türkiye’nin en iyi İtalyan restaurantlarından Serafina, önceki akşam görkemli bir açılış partisiyle kapılarını Kanyon’da açtı. İş, cemiyet, sanat ve magazin dünyasından birçok kişinin katıldığı davete ünlü isimler akın etti.